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Signs, Symptoms and Science – American Foul Brood

Spotty brood pattern? Sunken, dark, greasy looking capped brood? Foul-fish like odor? If you experience any of these symptoms when inspecting your hive, you may have American Foul Brood.

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All Hail the Queen – Pheromones

Learn how the queen’s pheromones are spread throughout the hive, what activities are influenced and what happens when the pheromones are compromised.

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The Business of Microbials and Honey Bee Health – Slava Strogolov, CEO, Strong Microbials Inc.

My goal as a leader of Strong Microbials is to help shape the future in which the world’s population is healthy and strong, ecosystems rich and stable, and resources plentiful and renewable.
We can do business with Nature.