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Microbes + Nutrition = Energy

Beekeepers truly love their bees, but many don’t appreciate the role gut microbes play in their overall health. They feed…

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Probiotics and microbials benefit bees during Nosema infection.

Nosema infection threatens millions of honeybee colonies worldwide. Direct-Fed Microbials (DFM), also called probiotics, help bees overcome Nosema infection.

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How to Effectively Use Probiotics in Your Hive

Probiotic supplements for bees are meant to replenish beneficial microorganisms. There are many different varieties as well as delivery methods (liquid or syrup, pollen patties, pills, dry powders). Which ones are the most effective?

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Varroa Mite Control Using Oregano Oil Vapors

Electric vaporizers containing oregano oil installed above the brood chamber of honey bee colonies and running continuously, achieved 97-98% mite killing rates…

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The Business of Microbials and Honey Bee Health – Slava Strogolov, CEO, Strong Microbials Inc.

My goal as a leader of Strong Microbials is to help shape the future in which the world’s population is healthy and strong, ecosystems rich and stable, and resources plentiful and renewable.
We can do business with Nature.

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Varroa destructor – Test & Treat

Testing and treating your bees for Varroa destructor mites before going into winter is imperative for hive survival. Learn tips and tricks to help your bees stay healthy and overwinter with success.

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