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June News Digest

New studies on honey bee health, nutrition, and microbiome, from the USDA-ARS Honey Bee Lab in Baton Rouge, LA.

Benefits of Probiotics Infographic
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Probiotics Nosema field trial

Soon after eclosion, adult honeybees are inoculated with core gut microbiome species, including those belonging to genera Bacillus and Lactobacillus….

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FDA convicts VFD violators

FDA started to restrict veterinary use of medically important antibiotics several years ago. A veterinary feed directive is a written…

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Salt, Fat, Acid, Bees.

Samin Nosrat’s book “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” makes me think about the basic elements of honeybee nutrition. What do we feed the bees to set them up for success?

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Microbes + Nutrition = Energy

Beekeepers truly love their bees, but many don’t appreciate the role gut microbes play in their overall health. They feed…

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Fighting Varroa Takes Guts

It takes guts to fight Varroa. Do honey bees have what it takes to do it?

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January Digest

Stay up to date on the latest in research and beekeeping news. This month focuses on pollinator habitat restoration, comb age and carbohydrate sources.

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What’s Killing Honeybees & What We Can Do About It

The plight of the honeybee is real. The statistics are grim. Dr. Jamie Ellis takes a deeper look at what’s killing bees and what we can do about it.

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One of the most creative applications for probiotic study was American Foulbrood (AFB). In my latest article, I discuss two studies that tried to overcome AFB with probiotics and arrived at different conclusions. Comparing the two gives the reader a chance to compare scope of scientific inquiry and different methods of probiotic use.

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The Other 90%

There is a long list of factors accelerating climate change and loss of biodiversity. Among the loss in biodiversity are…