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Find Out What Pesticides Are Lurking in Your Hives

Nancy Ostiguy from Pennsylvania State University Center for Pollinator Research analyzed pesticide residues in pollen and wax comb samples found in apiaries from University of Maine, USDA-ARS at Baton Rouge, University of Florida, University of Minnesota and Washington State University.

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Dr. Ramsey Fundamentally Changes Our Understanding of Varroa destructor Mites

Much of the knowledge about Varroa was derived from closely related parasitic and predatory mites. Assumption that Varroa mites were blood-sucking was propagated by “chain citing” an English-language study referring to rudimentary Russian-language Varroa publications. However, there are some important differences that prompted Dr. Ramsey to investigate this assumption and conclude that Varroa destructor feeds primarily on honey bee fat tissue and not hemolymph.

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January – Science News Digest

Stay up to date on the latest in honeybee research and news!

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How to Effectively Use Probiotics in Your Hive

Probiotic supplements for bees are meant to replenish beneficial microorganisms. There are many different varieties as well as delivery methods (liquid or syrup, pollen patties, pills, dry powders). Which ones are the most effective?

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The Problem with Fipronil

Beekeepers struggle to find safe, natural ways to eliminate SHB. Milwaukee, WI based company Strong Microbials Inc has a product in the pipeline that offers natural, microbial based solutions for SHB.

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Antiviral Properties of Mushroom Extracts

Researchers and Oregon based company, Fungi Perfecti, test the anti-viral effects of mushroom extracts in honey bees.

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December – Science News Digest

Stay up to date on the latest in honeybee research and news!
Topics Covered:
-Assessing viral load in Varroa resistant honeybee popluations.
-Using statistics and hive weight to determine performance.
-Impact of Nosema ceranae on honeybee gut health.

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How Probiotics Pay Off

SuperDFM Honeybee is a “profitable” probiotic supplement capable of inhibiting current and future outbreaks of bacterial and fungal pathogens that plague honeybee health.

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Long Live the Queen! Relationship Between Diet, Microbes and Queen Honeybee Longevity.

DNA analysis demonstrates the influence of diet on microbial succession and longevity in workers and queen honey bees.

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Honeybee Microbiome

Beneficial microbes found in healthy honey bee guts play significant roles in supporting host immune response and digestion.