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The Problem with Fipronil

Beekeepers struggle to find safe, natural ways to eliminate SHB. Milwaukee, WI based company Strong Microbials Inc has a product in the pipeline that offers natural, microbial based solutions for SHB.

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Antiviral Properties of Mushroom Extracts

Researchers and Oregon based company, Fungi Perfecti, test the anti-viral effects of mushroom extracts in honey bees.

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December – Science News Digest

Stay up to date on the latest in honeybee research and news!
Topics Covered:
-Assessing viral load in Varroa resistant honeybee popluations.
-Using statistics and hive weight to determine performance.
-Impact of Nosema ceranae on honeybee gut health.

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How Probiotics Pay Off

SuperDFM Honeybee is a “profitable” probiotic supplement capable of inhibiting current and future outbreaks of bacterial and fungal pathogens that plague honeybee health.

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Long Live the Queen! Relationship Between Diet, Microbes and Queen Honeybee Longevity.

DNA analysis demonstrates the influence of diet on microbial succession and longevity in workers and queen honey bees.

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Honeybee Microbiome

Beneficial microbes found in healthy honey bee guts play significant roles in supporting host immune response and digestion.

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Signs, Symptoms and Science – European Foulbrood

Spotty brood pattern? Contorted, discolored larvae? You may have European Foulbrood.

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Signs, Symptoms and Science – American Foul Brood

Spotty brood pattern? Sunken, dark, greasy looking capped brood? Foul-fish like odor? If you experience any of these symptoms when inspecting your hive, you may have American Foul Brood.

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All Hail the Queen – Pheromones

Learn how the queen’s pheromones are spread throughout the hive, what activities are influenced and what happens when the pheromones are compromised.

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Rearing Varroa in the Lab

Studying host-parasitic interactions in laboratory setting provides opportunities to delve deeper into the behavior and physiology of the honey bee parasite – Varroa destructor mites.