The Business of Microbials and Honey Bee Health – Slava Strogolov, CEO, Strong Microbials Inc.

My name is Slava Strogolov. I am the CEO of the Milwaukee based company Strong Microbials Inc.  I spent many years studying microbiology and microscopy. In my line of work, I had to pay attention to minute details and make sketches. One day I was observing bacteria under a microscope and sketched an elegant arrangement of dividing bacteria forming a shape resembling a letter m or a Greek letter “µ” (mu). Greek letter “µ” is also a symbol for “micro”, meaning very, very small. The picture that I sketched that day came back to me when I started manufacturing direct fed microbial products and needed to find a logo to represent the company. The logo of Strong Microbials Inc. represents actively dividing Bacillus.

In founding Strong Microbials Inc, my goal is to deliver sustainable microbiological solutions to improve agricultural processes and conserve resources. Better products are created at Strong Microbials Inc. through better ingredients and continuous research. Direct fed microbials (DFM) are a natural alternative to the use of antibiotics for growth promoting and preventative purposes. SuperDFM – HoneyBee, a new tool for the beekeeper to safeguard hive health. This is the first product of its kind in North and South America to raise antibiotic free bees. These probiotic bacteria are effective against pathogens that devastate the honey bee population causing chalkbrood, foul brood disease and nosemosis.

My goal as a leader of Strong Microbials is to help shape the future in which the world’s population is healthy and strong, ecosystems rich and stable, and resources plentiful and renewable. 

We can do business with Nature. 

Author: Slava Strogolov

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