different bacterial families in bee gut in winter
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October News Digest

Scientific journals digest for what’s new in honeybee biology: what happens with honey bee gut during overwintering in Canada; understanding Foul Brood Disease and “crud brood”; and appreciating diversity in scientific community.

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Solution to Pesticide Problem: Lactic Acid Bacteria.

New study “A Pediococcus strain to rescue honeybees by decreasing Nosema ceranae- and pesticide-induced adverse effects” by Peghaire et al. found that feeding live Pediococcus bacteria can rescue honeybees from N. ceranae– and pesticide adverse effects. Mortality was down from 41% to 15% and Nosema spores per bee decreased by 80%. Gene expression analysis indicates that the bacteria can achieve this benefit by stimulating the honeybee immune and detoxication systems.

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July News Digest

As always, I wish all the readers the best health! Inevitably, summer weather and busy time in the bee yard…

Benefits of Probiotics Infographic
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Probiotics Nosema field trial

Soon after eclosion, adult honeybees are inoculated with core gut microbiome species, including those belonging to genera Bacillus and Lactobacillus….

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Microbial Meat and Pollen Potatoes

“Bees are actually omnivores, and their meat is microbes. This finding may open a new window on why bees are in trouble: Anything that disrupts the microbial community in a bee’s food, whether it is high heat linked to climate change, fungicides or another stressor, could be causing developing bees to starve.”

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Probiotics and microbials benefit bees during Nosema infection.

Nosema infection threatens millions of honeybee colonies worldwide. Direct-Fed Microbials (DFM), also called probiotics, help bees overcome Nosema infection.

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February/March Science News Digest

Stay up to date on that latest in honeybee research and news!

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How to Effectively Use Probiotics in Your Hive

Probiotic supplements for bees are meant to replenish beneficial microorganisms. There are many different varieties as well as delivery methods (liquid or syrup, pollen patties, pills, dry powders). Which ones are the most effective?

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Antiviral Properties of Mushroom Extracts

Researchers and Oregon based company, Fungi Perfecti, test the anti-viral effects of mushroom extracts in honey bees.

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How Probiotics Pay Off

SuperDFM Honeybee is a “profitable” probiotic supplement capable of inhibiting current and future outbreaks of bacterial and fungal pathogens that plague honeybee health.